The Donald J. Trump Campaign to Administration

A Synopsis of Presidential Politics

California's State Director

Donald J. Trump for President

The 2016 GOP presidential nomination would be decided in California.  Two months before the primary, Tim Clark was chosen to direct the Trump California campaign.

Even though Ted Cruz and John Kasich had been organizing for a year, Clark made a bold prediction – Trump would win the entire state.

California apportions three delegates per congressional seat; the top vote-getter in any particular seat winning all three.  The primary was essentially fifty-three individual contests.

After nine rallies and tens of thousands of volunteers mobilizing into the precincts, Trump swept the state, winning the nation’s largest block of delegates.

"My directive is clear," Clark said. "I have to deliver all of California's delegates. I think it's an achievable bar."

The San Francisco Chronicle
Donald J. Trump's San Diego Rally, 2016
The massive San Diego rally featured the national launch of Veterans for Trump.

Republican National Convention

Cleveland, Ohio

Tim Clark led the California delegation to the July 2016 Republican National Convention.  Most were first-timers, and they brought a fresh energy to the convention floor.

Tweet from RNC Convention, Cleveland 2016

California’s combined strength equaled one-seventh of the votes needed for the nomination.  The state’s dominant presence and 100% pro-Trump delegation helped block last-minute attempts to deny Trump the nomination.

The diverse and enthusiastic delegation also became the national face of the convention, gaining more news exposure than any other delegation.

"Trump's state director, Tim Clark explained, 'If the never-Trumpers want to start something, they have to go through us.'"

The San Francisco Chronicle

Southwest United States

November Election

After the convention, Tim was chosen to oversee the southwest United States, helping execute earned media strategies to shore up slumping poll numbers in Texas and Utah, and then organizing thousands of volunteers into phone banks throughout the west.

These phone centers produced over two million swing-voter contacts in battleground states Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, and Florida, among others – helping win the presidency by providing essential voter-identification data for Trump teams in those states.

Tim Clark with Candidate Trump
Briefing the candidate after a Northern California rally.

Serving the President

Washington, D.C.

In the presidential transition, Tim Clark was chosen to serve as the President’s White House Liaison to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the federal government’s largest agency.  He moved his family to Virginia to join the Administration.

Tim Clark meeting VP Mike Pence
Greeting Vice President Pence during a visit to HHS.

Tim was a leading member of the HHS “beachhead” team, helping assume operational control of the agency.  He subsequently directed hiring for the agency’s senior presidential personnel, including leadership in CDC, FDA, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid CMS, National Cancer Institute, and many others.

The HHS team has been praised for their effectiveness in implementing the President’s policy goals.

In 2018, Tim Clark served as the Acting Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, where he directed HHS’s leading role in the Trump Administration Spring 2018 Opioid Crisis Response public relations launch. The HHS team delivered over fifty national & regional media interviews and multiple live events, reaching an estimated online, broadcast, and print audience of over twenty-five million.

Subsequently, Tim was asked to join the White House staff as a Senior Advisor in the Executive Office of the President.  In this role, he helped develop and promote the President’s domestic policy initiatives and also advised the White House’s Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy ONDCP – also known as America’s Drug Czar.

"HHS Takes Major Actions to Protect Conscience Rights and Life"

HHS News Release, 1/17/18

"HHS Takes Major Actions to Protect Conscience Rights and Life"

HHS News Release, 1/17/18

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